What A Wonderful Weekend!!

We had such an amazing and ACTION-PACKED weekend, I just have to tell you about it.

The best part of being home is getting to see family and friends IN PERSON whenever we want. Not via FaceTime or Facebook Video Chat, or with a visit scheduled weeks in advance. So we kicked off our weekend on Saturday by having the family out to visit us in our new place. Unfortunately, as soon as everyone started arriving, a huge wrench interrupted all my plans. I was going to be acting as a vendor with Jamberry and my friend and sponsor Charlene for a Zumba event, only I thought it was on Sunday. I found out no, it’s TODAY!! I hadn’t finished everything I was going to prepare because I thought I still had time. (Woes of a procrastinator??) Thankfully, Charlene stepped up and did a TON of what I had promised to do and as soon as I told Christopher, he recognized my stress level and took over everything with my family to allow me to get stuff done. I really DID hit the jackpot when I married him!

After an AWESOME visit with my family (gosh I missed that!) I headed out to Charlene’s to head to the event. After we left her house I realized I had NOTHING printed with my information on it. Or my wallet. It was not going to be my day. So standing in WaWa waiting on a delicious milkshake that Charlene purchased for me (the only thing to cure this bad day) she told me to “Let it go” – I asked her to sing it…. I’m sure you can guess that she did NOT sing it for me. She’s selfish… I digress.

The event was awesome! We got the contact info for about 30% of the attendees, which I think is fantastic! And I even did a little Zumba in all my nice clothes. Which probably wasn’t such a great idea, but whatever, we had fun!

The next morning started with the breakfast of champions, BAGEL KING! We missed them sooo much! We had Matt, Megan and the kids over for bagels and then we took the babies to the park while Matt and Megan went to run some errands. Taking the babies to the park…. the best dang part of being back, I’m telling you!!


After they left, we had two appointments lined up through Craigslist – we were getting bicycles!! Christopher had scoured through tons of listings and found me a year-old Giant Boulder W in great condition. For $45! It probably should have been almost double that, but it’s awesome because it has a little rust and needs a couple upgrades, and now we can afford it! Christopher found himself a NEAR PERFECT Giant Rincon that was almost exactly like the one he had before. It was a little bit more than he wanted to spend, but altogether we spent less than $200 on both bikes! We call that a WIN!!!

And finally, we wrapped up our weekend with dinner at my friends’ house – Rebecca and Ryan Hughes (and their two babies!) Since moving back Rebecca and I have reconnected in a huge way, but I hadn’t seen Ryan in YEARS. And we HAD to get Ryan and Christopher together so they could be best friends. Ryan works at Lowes, and Christopher dreams of being locked in a Lowes overnight. Perfect match! We had a great time visiting with them and playing with their kids.

Hope your weekend was awesome too! :-)

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