A New Day!

It’s a new day, on a new blog! I’m very excited to be launching today!

When Christopher and I decided to come home from the road, I knew I wanted to continue blogging. About what, I wasn’t sure. But thanks to YOUR suggestions, I found my new voice. And of course I needed a new name. Since I am transitioning out of “travel” blogging, I can no longer call myself a nomad… And since I didn’t want to put myself in a category before I knew what I had to say, “Still Babbling” was born. So here goes, a blog all about whatever I feel like babbling about! :-)

And I’d like to throw a HUGE thank you to my Brother-in-law Alex for getting me set up and hosting this blog! I’d also like to thank Christopher for being such a big supporter of my whims and fancies. Lastly, I’d like to thank YOU – for reading my blog and making me feel important.

I cannot make any guarantees that this blog will always be astute, or clever, or even life-changing. But I CAN guarantee that I will babble! :-)

Unfortunately, I could not link my two blogs (yet….) so you will need to re-subscribe if you prefer getting my posts in your email! But I hope you will still come to visit the blog page from time to time. I worked very hard on designing it (I LOOOOVE pink if you can’t tell) and will continue to work on making it beautiful.

Welcome to Still Babbling!


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